Meditation in Santa Monica

January 5, 2023

santa monica meditation

If you're in the Santa Monica area, you can try meditation at many places. Some of them include the Transcendental Meditation on 15th Street, Mary's Sparkling Light Meditation, and the Sakya Buddhist Center. All of these locations have a different vibe, but all of them are good options.

Transcendental Meditation on 15th Street

Transcendental Meditation is an ancient meditation technique that can be practiced to improve your health. It helps your body and mind by lowering anxiety and stress, and reducing blood pressure.

The technique was taught to the Beatles by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and is currently practiced by celebrities and public figures. TM is an easy to learn technique that can be practiced over four days.

In the past few years, transcendental meditation has gotten a lot of media attention. For instance, there was a feature in the health section of Danish magazine IN. There is also a study in the journal American Journal of Hypertension.

Various news articles and studies have found that transcendental meditation can reduce anxiety and blood pressure. According to research, students who have practiced the technique for 20 minutes daily for four months experience fewer stress related problems. This is because the practice activates parts of the brain related to memory processing and attention span.

Sunroom Meditation

A recent study showed that a well executed sunroom makeover can add several tens of thousands to your property value. A well-planned design can increase your happiness quotient by a few notches. The best sunrooms are ones that you and your guests can enjoy at the same time. Of course, the etiquette is to make sure you keep them in the loop. And it's a good thing you're here, since a sunroom makeover will make your next party the envy of all your neighbors. Best of all, your guests will owe you their thanks in kind. oh, and a nice bourbon on the house. You can even do your own post-sunroom swabbing with a bourbon or two. Not bad for a small budget. Besides, you won't have to get your jolts from a neighbor's bourbon heist.

Mary's Sparkling Light Meditation

The best way to learn about the Santa Monica Bay area is to spend some time outdoors, or at least on the street. Whether you have a car or a bike, the city offers a variety of parks and trails to savor the smog free air. This is especially true on the weekends, when locals and visitors alike get the chance to indulge in a little healthy competition. And, if you're lucky, you may even get a chance to take in the view while you're at it. Alternatively, you can head down to the Santa Monica Pier to enjoy the rays. Fortunately, there's plenty of free parking available, and you don't have to spend the day in a cab to do so. To make the most of your limited time, visit these three spots: The Santa Monica Beach Park, Santa Monica pier, and the Ocean Park Boulevard. A little planning goes a long way, and it's always good to be prepared.

Sakya Buddhist Center

If you are looking for a place to meditate in Santa Monica, CA, you might want to visit Sakya Buddhist Center. The Buddhist center is part of the Dechen international association, which oversees several Karma-Kagyu Buddhist centers around the world.

At the temple, you'll find a number of Buddhist monks and nuns. These monastics are expected to spend a significant amount of time in meditation. They also teach meditation to the members. However, this is not an exclusive service offered to the community.

Venerable Ripon Chakma Bhikkhu is the social leader of the temple. He teaches the younger generation of Buddhists.

Lama Jampa Thaye is a scholar and a meditation master. He was awarded a lama title in 1988. His teachings are very focused on the Sakya Tradition.

Sakya Buddhism dates back to the 900s. It is an authentic lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Some of the main practices include worshipping, learning the sutra, and repentance.

The temple holds a number of important celebrations in the community. Most importantly, the temple is a cultural hub.


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