Meditation Music For Healing

April 20, 2023

Meditation Music For Healing

Meditation and music are calming, transformative activities that can improve your health in multiple ways. Research studies have shown that meditation protects the heart, promotes sleep, boosts immunity, eases anxiety and lowers depression risk.

Music can also improve the quality of your sleep, and it has been shown to reduce pain after surgery. Researchers found that listening to music before, during and after surgery reduced stress, helped patients recover faster and allowed them to feel less anxiety.

Sound Healing and Tibetan Bowls

One of the most common forms of sound healing is a "sound bath," or a session where you lie down on a mat, often cuddled up with a blanket and listen to a practitioner play a variety of instruments. This helps evoke the body's natural relaxation response, slowing down your brain waves to a state of deep restorative healing, according to Roxie Sarhangi, a certified sound healing practitioner in Los Angeles.

Tuning Forks and Rainsticks

Sound healers use a variety of instruments to send specific vibrations that correspond with specific emotions, such as sadness or grief. These vibrations open the heart chakra and allow people to release negative emotions.

Meditative and Relaxing royalty free 5 minute music track with gentle slow moving ambient synth pads and soft ocean waves background for meditation, yoga and spa videos, vlogs, wellness product marketing videos, and peaceful relaxing ambiance.

The meditative and relaxing composition is tuned to the restorative healing frequency of 432Hz (click here for more information on royalty free 432Hz Music). This peaceful and uplifting meditation track also includes angelic vocals, piano and cello music.


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