Meditation Retreat - December 2016

October 18, 2023

Meditation retreats are periods of time set aside for healing, rejuvenation, spiritual growth, examining the inner workings of your mind, and taking your life to the next level. They range in length from a weekend to a week, month, or more. Many of them are free or offered at a low cost, though they can also be quite expensive. This makes it important to do your research ahead of time to see if you can afford to attend one.

The 10 day Vipassana (silent) retreat is the most popular type of meditation retreat available. During this period you will learn the basic techniques of meditation and how to work with your emotions. The retreat is structured around daily morning and evening meditation, dhamma talks, and other activities to help you get to know yourself better.

During the retreat you will not be able to speak to anyone, except to ask for something if needed. You will also be asked to not use any electronic devices, including phones, tablets, or music devices. The schedule will be posted in advance, and you will need to follow it. You may be required to wear a head covering, and depending on the location, you may not be allowed to have your eyes open in public areas. If you have never meditated before or would like beginning instruction, please let the registrar or coordinators know before the start of your sesshin.

Several studies have found that traditional meditation retreats are moderately to largely effective in reducing depression, anxiety and stress, as well as increasing levels of mindfulness, compassion and quality of life. However, the results may be influenced by the style of meditation and by the individual’s personal characteristics.


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