Meditation Retreats in Bethesda, Maryland

January 5, 2023

meditation retreats in bethesda

Meditation retreats are an excellent way to relax and take a break from the stresses of everyday life. If you are looking to find a place to meditate in the Bethesda area, there are several places you can check out. These include Mindful Harlem, Springwater, and the Center for Mindful Inquiry.

Center for Mindful Inquiry

Center for Mindful Inquiry offers mindfulness meditation retreats in Bethesda, Maryland. The center offers MBSR and Vipassana courses for professionals and those interested in self-improvement.

Courses are taught by certified teachers who have been trained by leading mindfulness educators. During the course, participants learn how to develop and maintain a mindfulness practice. They also receive instruction in understanding and responding skillfully to situations.

A typical class consists of guided meditations, interactive exercises, and mindful inquiry. Classes are held on Wednesdays at 6:30pm. There is a free Day of Mindfulness event on Saturdays.

Mindfulness Teacher Training Network supports transformative inner work, upholding training standards, and maintaining integrity in mindfulness-based programs. It works to support all beings in thriving in an increasingly diverse world.

Meditation retreats at the Center for Mindful Inquiry are led by experienced teachers. These retreats offer an opportunity to deepen one's practice, reconnect with oneself, and renew one's commitment to practicing.

Delaware Valley Insight

The Delaware Valley Insight in Bethesda is a peer-led community of like-minded souls who practice the ancient Chinese science of mindfulness. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned meditator, you'll find the support you need to improve your well-being. With regular meditation classes, group sits, and workshops, you'll be on your way to living a life that's free from stress and anxiety. For those seeking to expand their horizons, they can also take part in weekend retreats to destinations such as the Costa Rican rainforest or the deserts of the American southwest.

Of course, there's no substitute for personal contact and face-to-face interaction, but the company does offer virtual meditation sessions to suit your busy schedule. There are also various social and wellness events for members of all walks of life, from a weekly kegger to monthly movie nights. Besides offering an extensive line of calming and enlightening programs, the company boasts a staff of certified therapists and coaches who are ready to guide you along your own path to well-being.

Mindful Harlem

Located in the middle of downtown Bethesda, Mindful Harlem is a not-for-profit community center with a mission to promote the benefits of mindfulness and other related practices while keeping membership prices at a reasonable level. In addition to the more formal offerings, the organization also maintains a social enterprise arm that provides opportunities for local professionals to improve their wellness via yoga, massage and other modalities. The organization is run by volunteer leaders and a nattily dressed staff, whose philosophies are reflected in the quality of their services. As such, the company is proud to be a member of the fam and a veritable beacon for the community.

During their regular class sessions, the organization often runs special workshops in the form of open houses to give prospective members the opportunity to try out the latest and greatest in meditation tech before making the plunge. To further encourage participation, Mindful Harlem provides a discount on new members' first month's membership, as well as a "Members Only" lounge to keep members occupied after classes are over.

Wishing Star

Wishing Star Farm, a quaint country retreat located just outside of Bethesda, Maryland, offers a range of activities and services to promote health, happiness and productivity. For $200 you can spend three days at the ranch and get in on the wellness craze. You can also opt for a six month program for up to $2,500. Aside from meditation, the aforementioned farm offers a variety of workshops and classes to educate the masses. Some of the more popular courses include the science of meditation, sound healing, and how to become a better communicator. The aforementioned courses are taught by a host of professional instructors including the Seven Sisters, a team of masters of meditation, and sound healers.

The best part about the Wishing Star Farm is the fact that you get to choose from a host of different instructors and programs. The ranch offers multi-day meditation and wellness based retreats, as well as private sessions that run from $15 to $40.


Springwater meditation retreats in Bethesda, Maryland are open to all people who wish to learn the practice of quiet meditation and insight. They are offered throughout the year. Visitors are welcome to attend one of these retreats for one day, or you can sign up for a weekend or seven-day retreat. Guests have the option of participating in a guided meditation session, or they can simply practice their own meditation.

Founded by Toni Packer in 1981, Springwater is a center that supports spiritual growth and mindfulness through the practice of silent meditation. The Center is located on 200 acres of land, which includes a pond, a rushing stream, and rolling hills. It is surrounded by hardwood forests and serene landscapes. Guests are invited to take advantage of the many hiking trails and the sauna and exercise room. There is also a dining room and solarium.


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