Meditation Retreats in China

January 5, 2023

meditation retreats in china

Meditation retreats in China are becoming a popular choice for meditators from all over the world. They offer a wonderful combination of ancient architecture and modern facilities, making them a perfect venue for a getaway. There are many different types of meditation retreats available, such as yoga retreats, tai chi and qigong retreats, kundalini yoga retreats, zen meditation retreats, and dharma retreats. Whatever your preference, you are sure to find one that is a perfect fit for you.

Yuquan Monastery

Yuquan Monastery (also known as Jade Spring Monastery) is a prominent meditation center in China. The monastery, which was built in 528, is also regarded as the ancestral temple of the Tiantai school. It has produced more than 120 eminent monks.

The monastery has a number of meditation retreats that are offered throughout the year. These are conducted by monastics and lay volunteers. During the retreat, there is shared dialogue among the retreatants.

There are residential and non-residential retreats. Both include meditation sessions, as well as lectures and yoga classes. Residential retreats can last anywhere from one to two months. Guests have the option of staying in a dorm style room or a private room. All meals are included.

The meditation retreats are free. However, donations are appreciated. Also, the monastery welcomes visitors of all faiths. If you plan to attend a retreat, you will need a passport. You will need to bring your own toiletries, bedding, and towels.

Naked Stables

Naked Stables is a luxury eco-resort in China that is devoted to promoting a healthy lifestyle. It is located in a mountainous region near Hangzhou. A renowned destination for yoga retreats, this resort offers a memorable travel experience.

The first naked resort in China was established by South African entrepreneur Grant Horsfield and his wife Delphine Yip-Horsfield. After cycling through a bamboo forest, they came across the area of Moganshan and decided to build a retreat there. They have since expanded their business into a number of eco-friendly resorts in the surrounding area.

This retreat is in the heart of a protected nature reserve and provides guests with a variety of activities. From hiking to yoga to meditation, this resort is a great escape from the city.

The Naked Stables Retreat features 121 rooms, three restaurants and a spa. All are equipped with high-speed wireless Internet, central air-conditioning, a spa shower, and LED TV. Each room also includes an advanced sound system.

Sangha Retreat

SANGHA Retreat is a holistic wellness sanctuary located on 47 acres of land near Suzhou, China. It's also a part of the Octave Institute, a community-focused health and wellness program that was founded by Fred Tsao.

The retreat is located on the shores of Yangcheng Lake and features a variety of programs and activities. This includes healing treatments, yoga classes, and meditation. Guests can choose to work with the team to customize a wellness plan. Guests also enjoy access to the resort's expansive, 65,000 square foot healing spa.

Sangha's wellness facilities include a salt cave, a hammam, and a dedicated meditation dome. Additionally, guests can participate in a 12-stage hydrothermal circuit. They can also opt for a full-body diagnostics session.

The wellness team at Sangha includes doctors, physiotherapists, and life coaches. Guests can also choose to take advantage of classes in Qigong, yoga, and fitness.

The retreat is a great place to learn about mindful living. It is a blend of Eastern philosophies and Western science.

Eleven Directions

There are many types of meditation retreats in China. Some are led by monastics. Others are managed by lay volunteers. Each offers a different take on mindfulness. These programs are intended to help people live more mindful lives in a secular environment. You can choose the retreat that best suits your needs. Read on to find out more about the different kinds of retreats in China.

One of the first retreats in China took place last year. It was held at the Yuquan Monastery, which has been recognized as a respected meditation center in China. Since then, there have been several other retreats. In order to facilitate the process, the monastery has a resident monastic Sangha, which offers instruction and practice. The monastery is open to people from all religions.

Another retreat is held at the AIAB (Applied Buddhism Studies Association). It is an institute for training monastic Dharma teachers. This organization also conducts retreats for young adults, professionals, and others. They are designed to help people deal with stress and personal relationships.


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