Meditation Retreats in Iceland

January 5, 2023

meditation retreats in iceland

If you want to try meditation, there are some wonderful retreats you can attend in Iceland. There are several different kinds of retreats you can choose from, including those that are focused on self-compassion and mindfulness, as well as those that focus on reclaiming your self. Regardless of which type of retreat you decide to go on, you'll get the chance to relax, recharge, and reconnect with yourself.

Mountain Lodge Yoga Retreat

The Mountain Lodge Yoga Retreat is the perfect location for a meditation retreat. Set in a charming mountain lodge, this location offers plenty of free time, as well as delicious food and a stunning mountain view.

The Mountain Lodge is home to some of the finest yoga teachers in the country. There are plenty of opportunities to explore Icelandic nature, including hiking, whale watching and horseback riding. It is also an ideal location to catch the Northern Lights.

The venue features an outdoor swimming pool and a rooftop with an incredible view of North Africa. It is also a perfect location for meditation workshops. During the week, participants will be taught the best methods for integrating the practice of mindfulness into their daily lives.

Sagrada Wellness Yoga Retreats

Sagrada Wellness Yoga Retreats offers healing yoga retreats in Iceland. Sagrada is a small family community that has been devoted to a holistic approach to wellness and a passion for the sacred. You will have the opportunity to experience a blend of daily yoga practices, meditation, and mindful living. The program will include guided meditations, sound healing, and yoga Nidra.

It's easy to see why this yoga retreat has become so popular. Sagrada offers a unique mix of yoga, meditation, and outdoor activities. Plus, you can enjoy the company of your fellow retreat participants. There is also plenty of free time to relax in hammocks, visit the local beaches, or spend time with friends.

Located halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Sagrada Wellness is in an ideal location for travelers. You will be in an incredible location, with unspoiled natural beauty. This is the perfect spot to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Reclaim Your Self

If you are looking for a yoga and meditation retreat in Iceland, then consider a trip to The Ashram. This luxurious hotel in the northern part of the island offers a unique experience.

The Ashram is a seasonal retreat in the mountains. It is run by a group of Californians. They provide a variety of activities and a holistic approach to wellness. You can enjoy daily massages, storytelling evenings, forest bathing and even hikes to nearby hot springs.

Guests can practice yoga twice a day. Yoga tuition is provided by a team of handpicked yoga teachers.

A typical day on this 7-day yoga retreat is filled with mindfulness practices, breath work and meditation. You can choose from restorative yin yoga or strong flow classes. There are also guided walks in the wild meadows.


Flow offers a variety of customised meditation retreats in Iceland. These are perfect for people who are serious about meditating. Guests can spend a day in a lava cave, visit a geothermal spa, or see the Northern Lights. Flow also hosts a public retreat every year. The company's mission is to make meditation accessible to everyone.

Flow offers a variety of mobile apps that help users meditate anywhere. They can download a virtual reality app onto an Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR, or try a free trial of their iOS or Android app. This app has several advantages, including the ability to create personalized playlists.

The Flow VR app is an immersive experience. It incorporates a 360-degree view of pure Icelandic nature. The scenes feature a variety of elements including waterfalls, volcanic landscapes, and lush green valleys. It also includes curated music and carefully selected imagery.

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion retreats

If you've been looking for a Mindfulness and Self-Compassion retreat in Iceland, there are a few options available. Some of the leaders of these retreats are educators who have studied the practices professionally, while others have personally experienced the benefits of these practices. You can contact each of them through their websites.

Amy Colvin discovered compassion meditation in 1996 and has a background in mind-body wellness. She has spent the last decade teaching and facilitating meditation for Google employees. Her research focuses on the role of compassion in healing and wellness. This work has been published in top academic journals. She has also taught workshops on compassion at Columbia University and NYU.

Michael Downs is an outdoor educator with a background in science, education, and theology. He has completed educational requirements toward teacher certification in mindfulness-based stress reduction. His meditation practice includes eastern contemplative practices as well as Western meditative techniques. Currently, he works with organizations to build employee resiliency.


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