Meditation Retreats in Maryland

January 5, 2023

meditation retreats in maryland

If you're interested in taking a meditation retreat, there are a number of locations in Maryland that you can choose from. Whether you want to stay at a hotel in the heart of Baltimore or take a trip to the countryside, you'll be sure to find something to satisfy your spiritual desires.

Understanding the Mind: Being in the Moment

One of the best parts of a meditation retreat is the opportunity to hone your mindfulness skills. This can be achieved through meditation or simply by taking time to rest and recharge.

There are a few things you should know before you embark on your first retreat. For one thing, you should make sure you are physically fit. If you have trouble sitting for extended periods of time, you may want to find a more comfortable position.

Also, be sure to check out the accommodations. Most retreats offer a few options. You can stay in a private room or share a room with others. However, you may have to deal with other people's scents and sounds.

Sagamore Pendry Baltimore

Sagamore Pendry Baltimore is a modern day hotel with a slew of notable amenities. The Sagamore hotel's grand finale includes a three-meal restaurant, a waterside outdoor pool and a restored grand ballroom.

Sagamore Pendry Baltimore is located in the historic Fells Point neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. With a location near the Baltimore/Washington International Airport and the Inner Harbor, this hotel is well positioned to provide travelers with a wealth of sightseeing and shopping opportunities. It's also close to several other notable attractions including the Blue Water Bridge and the Baltimore Convention Center.

The Sagamore Hotel and its sibling the Sagamore Pendry aspire to serve as a luxury retreat that allows guests to experience the city's rich history, while providing an all-encompassing experience that is both relaxing and fun. While Sagamore Hotel Baltimore is not yet a household name, the new resort is a high-end hotel that will be a welcome addition to the city's thriving entertainment and cultural scene.

Loyola's Retreat Center

Loyola's Retreat Center is an ideal setting for meditation retreats. It is located in Faulkner, Maryland, and is a Jesuit retreat house. The center is guided by the spirituality of Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

The retreats offered at the center can be directed or undirected. During a directed retreat, you are expected to follow the retreat director's directive. This can include a daily schedule of meditation points.

Undirected retreats are usually scheduled for weekends or mid-weeks. These are usually based on a specific theme and are led by a retreat director. They are open to individuals and groups of all ages and abilities.

Southern Dharma Retreat Center

If you're interested in meditation retreats in Maryland, you'll find plenty of choices at Southern Dharma Retreat Center. It's located in the mountains of Madison County, about 30 minutes from Hot Springs. The center is operated by a staff that is committed to welcoming everyone.

In addition to its own classes and workshops, the center offers weekend and weeklong retreats. During these retreats, participants can learn how to practice Buddhist meditation. Some of the teachers are ordained members of the Theravada tradition.

Lisa Ernst leads retreats across the country, as well as tours of India. She's a graduate of the Community Dharma Leadership program sponsored by Spirit Rock and the Insight Meditation Society.

Dayspring Silent Retreat Center

Dayspring Silent Retreat Center in Germantown, Maryland is an ecumenical silent retreat center that is focused on deepening the spiritual life. Located in the countryside, it's an ideal place to delve into divine silence. Here, guests will have opportunities to meditate, pray, and connect with God.

Located on 210 acres of rolling wooded hills, the ecumenical silent retreat center is the ideal destination for a weekend of rest and spiritual renewal. This spiritual center includes a lodge overlooking a stone labyrinth, a kitchen, and 18 guest rooms.

The center offers various forms of meditation including guided and self-guided, as well as a number of guided programs and workshops. In addition, there are several other activities available, including canoeing and kayaking, horseback riding, and hiking.

Omega Institute in Rhinebeck

The Omega Institute is an educational retreat center. It is located in Rhinebeck, New York, in the Hudson River Valley. This region is known for its scenic beauty and natural surroundings.

Founded by Stephan Rechtschaffen and Elizabeth Lesser, the Omega Institute is dedicated to personal and social change. They believe that lifelong learning enriches our lives and helps us adapt to changes.

They offer classes, workshops and retreats. These programs promote mind-body connection and spirit connection.

Omega Educational Institute is a nonprofit organization that provides innovative educational experiences to individuals and organizations. Their goal is to help individuals and organizations integrate their personal growth and healing.


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