Meditation Retreats in Seattle

January 5, 2023

meditation retreats in seattle

When you're looking for meditation retreats in Seattle, there are many to choose from. Whether you want a yoga, meditation, or mindfulness retreat, we've got you covered. From the Yoga Lodge in Snoqualmie to the Esalen Institute, this list of the best places to go is sure to have something for everyone.

Kadampa Meditation Center

If you are looking for a way to enhance your meditation practice, consider attending a meditation retreat. Meditation retreats can help you to connect with nature, relax, and learn meditation techniques. A meditation retreat may also include extracurricular activities such as massages or guided hikes.

Kadampa Meditation Center offers a variety of different meditation retreats. You can choose from a day-long meditation workshop to a weekend-long residential program. Some of the workshops offered include mindfulness, letting go of stress, and anger detox.

Seattle Insight Meditation Society provides classes and events to anyone interested in practicing meditation. This nonprofit organization welcomes individuals from all backgrounds and is a reputable international group. Its calendar includes weekly meditation sits and dharma talks.

Esalen Institute

Esalen Institute is one of the best meditation retreat centers in the country. It is situated in Big Sur, California, on the rocky coast of the Pacific Ocean. The resort has a large number of accommodations to choose from, including standard and premium guest rooms. There are also a wide variety of workshops and programs, including yoga instruction, mindfulness sessions, and conferences.

Located on 27 acres, Esalen is surrounded by the breathtaking coastline of Big Sur. The location allows for guests to take advantage of natural hot springs, hiking, and rock pools.

Mindfulness Northwest

Mindfulness Northwest is an organization offering a variety of retreats and classes in the Seattle area. The group's programs are rooted in mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and compassionate instruction.

These retreats offer students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Buddhist teachings and their contemporary applications. Residential retreats range from two days to six weeks. During the residential program, participants are offered full immersion in meditation practice. They also have the opportunity to sit with various guest teachers.

The group's website offers a self-paced eight-week MBSR course. In addition, it provides a list of other mindfulness resources.

Trout Lake Abbey

Located on a former farm, Trout Lake Abbey offers a quaint and cozy setting for meditation retreats. It is also ideal for family vacations. They have both private and group accommodations. The property features several shrines, large statues, and an organic farm. Guests can explore the native plant garden as well.

There are several different meditation retreats in the area. One of the more popular is the Holman Health Connections. This company is a husband and wife duo that offer a variety of meditation and health related programs. Their signature program is their meditation and wellness retreats. These are geared toward those looking to improve their well-being and overall health.

Drala Mountain Center

If you are a beginner in meditation, Drala Mountain Center may be the perfect place for you. The center has yoga classes and guided meditations. There are many retreats available to help you gain a deeper understanding of the practice.

The center is also a great location for exploring nature. Guests can enjoy hiking trails and taking part in activities like kayaking and paddleboarding.

The center offers several residential and non-residential retreats. These include two-day, three-day, and seven-day programs. Some of these programs include outdoor activities, while others are more focused on learning how to meditate.

Cloud Mountain Retreat Center

Cloud Mountain Retreat Center is a non-sectarian Buddhist center located in the forests of southwest Washington. The center offers residential retreats year round.

The center is operated by a small permanent staff. It is open to all levels of practitioners.

There are many types of retreats available. These include meditation, mindfulness, and wellness. They are available in residential and day-only formats. The retreats are held in a quiet atmosphere and offer a chance to step away from the pressures of everyday life.

A typical day at a Cloud Mountain retreat includes meditation, working and sitting meditations, meals, and periods of silence. Depending on the schedule, you may hear dharma talks, and other activities.

Yoga Lodge

Washington state is home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the country. It is also home to many yoga retreats. These retreats are designed to deepen your meditation practice and increase self-awareness. Some of these retreats also include workshops and extracurricular activities.

Meditation retreats in Washington can be one day or a week long. Most of these retreats combine meditation sessions with meals and breaks. The cost ranges from $100 to $8000.

Yoga Lodge is a yoga and meditation center that is located on Whidbey Island, a secluded island that sits in the Pacific Ocean. They offer private rooms and organic meals. You can also take time to relax by the sauna or explore nature trails.


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