Meditation Retreats in Uruguay

January 5, 2023

meditation retreats in uruguay

Meditation retreats in Uruguay are ideal for those looking to learn more about spirituality and yoga. This beautiful country is home to several top-notch retreat centers, such as the Chapada dos Veadeiros, Ghost Ranch, Monastere des Augustines, and Sivananda Sadhana Kutir. All of them offer a wide range of services and activities for visitors, including yoga classes and workshops. You can also explore the country's rich culture and history at these centers.

Ghost Ranch

If you are interested in learning about the arts, nature or science, consider spending a few days at Ghost Ranch. This ecumenical retreat center is a great place to learn about the many ways we relate to our environment. The facility features a range of classes, activities and resources.

You can spend a few days at the retreat center to participate in a variety of activities including hiking, biking, horseback riding, kayaking and canoeing. Ghost Ranch also boasts a collection of dozens of hiking trails that take visitors through the various landscapes of northern New Mexico. A $5 admission fee is required to access the outdoors.

There is a lot to be learned at Ghost Ranch, from the science and art to the history and cultural significance of the region. It is worth noting that the property is owned by the Presbyterian church.

Monastere des Augustines

The Monastere de Augustines is a 17th century monastery that has been repurposed as a luxury health spa and spa resort. Its most prized possession is its onsite museum of 40,000+ artifacts. Guests are encouraged to make a pilgrimage to the main chapel. There is also a large pool and spa for those wishing to get away from it all. Aside from its well-appointed facilities, the spa is also home to some of the best gastronomic offerings in Uruguay. Some guests opt to sign up for a multi-day programme.

The Monastere des Augustines is just one of the many spas and health resorts that dot the landscape in Uruguay. For a mere hefty levy, you can be pampered for hours on end. The spa offers a plethora of treatments and therapies ranging from ayurvedic massages and hot stone treatments to aromatherapy and facials.

Sivananda Sadhana Kutir

The Sivananda Sadhana Kutir meditation retreats in Uruguay are the perfect place to go to when you're in need of a break from the stresses of daily life. This quiet, peaceful retreat center offers classical teachings and rest.

Located just outside of the bustling cities, Sivananda Sadhana Kutir is a serene and beautiful natural environment. The retreat centers are limited to small groups, so you'll need to sign up before you can attend.

Swami Sivananda was a renowned spiritual teacher. His life and teachings are suitable for all religions and nations. He was also the founding father of the Divine Life Society.

The Divine Life Society was founded by Swamiji within a year after he arrived in Rishikesh, India. Its main goal is to make all people into true human beings.

Estancia Vik

Estancia Vik, a boutique hotel in Uruguay, offers a unique opportunity to experience the country's rich culture. Located on a 4,000-acre property in the country's rolling hills, the resort offers an authentic entry into Uruguayan cuisine, art, and history.

Vik Retreats are a collection of luxury properties in South America. They offer a variety of experiences, including yoga, spa, and other outdoor activities. The company's private retreats in Uruguay include Estancia Vik.

Estancia Vik is a quaint retreat built by Uruguayan architect Marcelo Daglio. With clean white lines, terracotta tiles, and a spacious main building, it is reminiscent of a colonial home. This residential property is ideal for couples and families with children.

Estancia Vik has 12 uniquely designed suites. Each of these suites has original furnishings and installations from Uruguayan artists. A central living room features a 3.5 meter tall sculpture by Pablo Atchugarry. These suites range in size from 590 to 914 square feet.

Chapada Dos Veadeiros

Chapada Dos Veadeiros is a small town on the southern coast of Uruguay. There are no shortage of attractions and activities to occupy your time and money. One of the more enjoyable is the cascading waterfalls and other waterways. For the more adventurous, a visit to the park will reward you with an immersive experience. Depending on the season, you may even get to see a marsh deer.

Chapada Dos Veadeiros also boasts a small number of restaurants and bars, so if you want to splurge on a night out, you're well served. During the day, you'll be spoiled for choice with the myriad formation canyons and the best of the region's offerings. The city also plays host to a fair number of multicultural events and celebrations throughout the year.


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