Meditation Script - Connecting With Your Higher Self

October 12, 2023

The concept of a higher self can seem like an esoteric exercise that’s better suited for meditators and spiritual gurus, but this aspect of ourselves is more accessible than we think. Grasping this deeper part of our being is a powerful step in healing the ego and opening our hearts, and can have life-changing impacts when we make it a regular practice.

This guided meditation script is designed to help clients connect with their higher self. It combines breath work with visualization and mindfulness techniques, so that they can feel a connection to their heart and soul – to their True Inner Spirit. This will allow them to trust their intuition and act from a place of love and compassion.

Before beginning, find a comfortable position to sit or lie down. Close your eyes and relax, allowing your body to settle. Draw your shoulders back and down, relaxing your arms at your sides. Breathe deeply and naturally, focusing on the rising and falling sensation in your belly. Allow your thoughts to pass, letting them come and go.

When you are ready, open your eyes and gaze up between your brows, into your Third Eye. This is the gateway into your own spiritual consciousness. Breathe deeply again and welcome your Third Eye in as a divine partner, so that you can access your True Inner Soul, Your Higher Self. This may present as a sense of light, energy, love, or even a feeling of clarity.


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