Michael Rivero What Really Happened

July 12, 2023

michael rivero what really happened

Michael Rivero (June 14, 1989 – October 26, 2011) was a bright and enthusiastic young man, who loved his family. He was a member of the Cub Scouts and was active in his local soccer league. He also played trumpet in the school band. Mike was a graduate of Acton-Boxborough Regional High School and was working at the Acton and Burlington Roche Brothers supermarkets. He was an avid reader and enjoyed documentaries on the History and Discovery channels as well as Doctor Who and strategy games. He was a thoughtful and caring person, and regularly delivered deadpan humor that made everyone smile.


Guest, Michael Fulton talks with Mike about his times at NASA and Mr. Fulton's optics expertise as well as other topics regarding space, technology, and exploration. We take some calls as well as talking about race and politics.


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