Michael Stone - Meditation Teacher and Podcast Host

January 5, 2023

michael stone meditation

Michael Stone has been one of the most popular teachers of meditation in recent years. His books, podcasts, and live presentations have helped millions of people to learn to meditate, and to reconnect with nature. He is currently developing an online mentorship program.

Athina Stone's journey with yoga began in 2002

It is not surprising that a number of West Coast yogis have influenced the local doyenne of the yoga scene. Some of her notable mentors include the aforementioned Jennifer McLaughlin, who spent over a decade studying with KP Jois of Ashtanga fame. Despite the fact that she no longer teaches Ashtanga, she has been a staunch practitioner of this discipline for years. She also co-founded the city satsang, a spiritual circle of like minded people, and took part in a number of charity events in 2012.

The first tidbit is that in addition to being the city's resident yoga guru, Tina is the enigmatic Director of Studies for YOGA MARGA's 300-hour tm TTC. She is an ardent student of all things yoga, and has completed countless workshops and trainings. Her yoga cred is exemplified by her affiliation with YogastoAlsos, a free weekly class in public spaces around Athens. As the name suggests, the organization is not for the faint of heart.

Michael Stone's relationship with nature

Stone was the author of "The Well of Light" blog, which is free to sign up for. He also taught spiritual practice around the world. His teachings blended ancient philosophies with mainstream psychology.

Michael Stone was an inspirational figure in the dharma. He taught about ethics and mindfulness, and was an advocate for mental health.

He was a well-known speaker, author, activist, and teacher. He also worked with nonprofit organizations and social profit institutions.

He was a therapist and teacher of yoga and meditation. A member of the Zen Buddhist tradition, Michael was committed to teaching people to respond to challenges in their lives.

For over 25 years, Stone worked as an organizational development consultant and corporate trainer. During his time in the corporate world, he worked for Humana, Microsoft, AT&T, and Master of Management International. Eventually, he stepped away from his work in the corporate world to pursue teaching full-time.

As his professional life evolved, Stone's interest in accessible spirituality for urbanites grew. In 2011, he created an online course on the five yamas from the first limb of Yoga.

Awake in the World podcast

Michael Stone is a Buddhist teacher who is also a psychotherapist. He teaches internationally. His teachings include meditation and mental habits, the Pali Canon, and yoga. He has written four books with Shambhala Publications. If you are interested in Buddhist teachings, you will find his talks on the Awake in the World podcast to be helpful.

The Awake in the World Podcast is a collection of talks from live events. Each episode is focused on a particular topic, such as mindfulness, social change, or meditation. During the episodes, you may hear people discussing meditation techniques, the importance of respect, or how to be healthy in an uncertain world.

The podcast is free for anyone to listen to, thanks to donations from the community. It has been available for six years. However, if you would like to support the podcast, you can do so through the website. There you can also sign up to receive email updates about upcoming events.


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