Michelle DuVal - A Meditation Coach

January 5, 2023

michelle duval meditation

Michelle Duval is a Meditation Coach who helps clients learn how to meditate to relieve stress, improve relationships, and find more joy and happiness. Her program is a yearlong Mindfulness meditation program that is designed to teach people how to let go of negative thoughts and live more intentionally in the present moment.

Mindfulness programs

Whether you're a DWI defendant, a law abiding citizen or a corporate trainer Michelle DuVal's mindfulness programs have something for you. The Mindful Center in Albuquerque teaches meditation and mindfulness to a diverse group of men and women. They also run five to eight Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programs a year.

In the last five years, Michelle has taught more than 8,000 people about the benefits of mindfulness, aka meditation. She has also taught a couple of the world's largest meditation apps. Besides, she has the credentials to back it up.

She has also authored several bestselling books and a couple of other lesser known ones. Her most recent book, "The Mindful Living Coach", is a comprehensive guide to living a life free of the stresses of everyday life. It's not a one size fits all formula but rather an approach to living well by learning from and teaching others.

Aside from her wacky escapades, she has a plethora of enlightening lectures on all aspects of mindful living. From the most effective way to eat to the most effective time management techniques, she is a wealth of knowledge. As such, her programs have been a big hit with her students. After she finished her latest class, she walked in the door of her office with a smile on her face.

Deeply Letting Go Meditation song

Deeply letting go meditation is the name of the game. It's not a bad time to take in some fresh air, and the requisite number of tunes. The aforementioned duo is also the reason for a well-deserved glass of scotch. Those not quite so teetering on their heels may also find the aforementioned rogues to be a less than hospitable companion to the otherwise benign spouse. This triumvirate isn't the only one in the house, as it's a family of four (four if you count mum and dad). Those who aren't lucky enough to call the 'burbs home might have to ration their malt until the next shindig rolls around.

Mindfulness meditation component of a yearlong program

Mindfulness meditation training is part of a yearlong DWI/drug court program in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The program is facilitated by the Evolution Group, a wellness organization. The group's mission is to provide wellness training for individuals struggling with addictions and mental illness. Its contract with Metro Court covers the cost of the program.

Michelle DuVal teaches mindfulness meditation as part of the program. She has been teaching this class for over 17 years. Her programs are featured in Sandia National Laboratories and the University of New Mexico, among other places.

The program requires participants to complete a six-week meditation program. Supplementary readings are provided each week. There are also weekly assignments to complete. In addition to meditation, the program includes courses in chemical dependency and integrity.

Among the benefits of the program are that it teaches repeat offenders new skills to overcome addiction. Many have avoided jail as a result of participation. Since the program's inception in 1998, over 4,400 people have participated. Moreover, over two-hundred students have graduated from the program.

According to published articles, the practice of mindfulness may reduce the risk of drug and alcohol abuse. In fact, researchers have found a connection between mindfulness and addiction.

A mindfulness meditation portion of a yearlong program has been found to significantly reduce the likelihood of a participant dropping out of a rehab program. Michelle Duval teaches this training at the New Mexico Heart Institute, in the Albuquerque Public School system, and in Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque.


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