Modern Warfare - What Happened to Infected?

September 10, 2023

Infected is a game mode first introduced in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It’s a game mode that has players spawning as survivors until one of them turns into an Infected player. Players then attempt to kill and hide from the Infected until time runs out.

At the start of the game, a countdown starts counting down until the first Survivor turns into an Infected. Once that happens, the Infected will have two minutes and fifteen seconds to infect another player before their timer expires. The Infected player initially carries a gun (with random attachments) until they infect a player, at which point their weapons will transit to the knife loadout, along with Combat and Throwing Knives.

The Survivors spawn with their current loadout and must kill the Infected to survive, with fifty points being awarded to the Survivors each time they take down an Infected. Survivors also have the ability to use Specialist perks such as Kinetic Armor and Psychosis.

Survivors can also hide with a certain amount of luck. However, the Infected radar scan can easily detect a Survivor hiding in tall grass or shadowy low traffic areas. The Survivor can also be difficult to find on smaller maps, such as the catwalks in Dome and the street side of Underground, particularly if they’re using the ghillie Epic body gear equipped to their Phantom Combat Rig.

If a new player joins the match after the timer has started, that player becomes a Survivor and the Infected are forced to re-search for the Final Survivor again. This could delay the Infected’s victory, especially if the Final Survivor has already been killed by the time the new player connects.


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