Morning Meditation For Anxiety

November 20, 2023

Morning meditation is one of the best ways to manage anxiety, as it can help you focus on the present moment and build a positive outlook for the day. It also provides a sense of calm and clarity that helps you to control negative thoughts, emotions, and stressors.

A regular morning meditation practice can help to reduce your symptoms of anxiety, improve your sleep quality, and lower your blood pressure. It can also increase your energy levels and promote a healthy mood throughout the day. In addition, it can help you achieve a better sense of overall well-being and improve your work performance.

Anxiety is a common condition that can impact both your mental and physical health. Anxiety can manifest as a feeling of fear, discomfort and unease. Though it can serve an important function, such as ensuring that you’re aware of potential danger, it can become a serious problem when it begins to dominate your life and cause distressing symptoms, such as fast heartbeat, dizziness, aches and pains and shortness of breath.

The practice of mindfulness can be used to settle racing thoughts and calm the body through two steps: attention and acceptance. As you sit in meditation, consider a situation that causes you anxiety or stress. Allow yourself to feel into the feelings that come up with kindness, without judging them. Notice where you feel these sensations in the body and give them space to be. You may notice that bringing awareness to these uncomfortable feelings will actually amplify them, but as you continue to open up and accept them, they can gradually dissipate.


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