Movies Like What Happened to Monday

July 11, 2023

Movies like what happened to monday

In a future world, the government enforces a strict one-child policy. Using bracelets to detect siblings, the Child Allocation Bureau puts any additional children into forced cryosleep. When the Settman sisters have twins, Thursday and Friday hide them away to keep their family safe from the C.A.B. However, the sisters soon realize that their own lives are in danger.

Despite the slew of action sequences, What Happened to Monday is actually a smart dystopian thriller about the power of family. The story may be overly familiar, but director Tommy Wirkola makes the most of the premise and shrewdly uses his cast to elevate the film beyond its cheesy elements.

Noomi Rapace is the standout here, playing each of the lookalike Settman sisters with a unique personality. Her work here is a welcome departure from her role as Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish trilogy. It's no wonder that the acclaim she received for this film has her as an actor to watch.

Though the script is a bit overly generic, the brisk pacing keeps the audience engaged. And while the shootouts and fistfights do deliver, it's the heartwarming moments between the sisters that will have you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.


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