Music Meditation For Asian Zen Spas

October 19, 2023

Music meditation is a form of meditation that uses soothing music to help relax the mind and body. It’s an excellent way to recenter the mind and target elevated stress levels, especially for those who struggle with mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. There are a variety of websites and apps that offer free calming music to help meditaters find the right soundtrack for their needs.

Adding music to meditation can make the process easier for some people, but it’s important to remember that you still need to focus on your breathing and let any thoughts pass through without distraction. Choosing the right soundtrack is key to finding meditation music that works for you, and it may take some trial and error before you find something that helps you calm your mind.

A good place to start looking for meditative music is YouTube, where there are many playlists and videos specifically designed for meditation. Another option is the Calm app, which also has playlists and meditation guides. However, it does come with a subscription price of $15 per month.

Another site that offers a large selection of meditation music is the website Music of Wisdom. It has bundles that are available for purchase, but it also has a large selection of free melodies. There is even a page that features a live stream of the music that plays on their website. They have a range of genres to choose from, including styles that are more traditional in Asia.


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