My Hero Academia - What Happened to Toya Todoroki?

March 27, 2024

If you’re a fan of My Hero Academia, then you probably know that the eldest Todoroki son Toya died in a horrific accident at Sekoto Peak. He was a hero with the potential to be Japan’s number one hero, but he couldn’t beat All Might and ended up losing his sanity and his family. This led him to become Dabi, a murdering fiend who was out to ruin his father and the hero society that he once strove to be part of.

The latest chapter of the manga revealed that Toya Todoroki was not actually dead, but instead living as Dabi for years. This has been one of the biggest fan theories in the series and it was surprisingly confirmed, with Dabi’s pre-recorded backstory even showing his DNA results.

This revealed that Toya’s quirk is able to produce flames that are much hotter than his father’s, and when the boy was sad or upset he could create a burning inferno that was impossible to put out. He did this multiple times before he was pushed to the limit and burned to death on Sekoto Peak.

The fact that Toya was alive all this time but lived as Dabi allowed him to monitor his father closely and become a villain in order to eventually bring him down. Shoto Todoroki tries to convince Dabi that the way he was treated by his father was unacceptable, but it appears that Dabi has no interest in changing his ways and just wants to see his father destroyed.


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