Narcissist Self Help Book - Healing From Narcissism

February 6, 2023

narcissist self help book

There is a good chance that you’re on this page because you have been in a toxic relationship with a narcissist. If so, then you may need a narcissist self help book to help you cope with your situation and recover from the damage they have done.

The first step towards healing from narcissism is for the sufferer to admit that they have a disorder (in this case, Narcissistic Personality Disorder) and that it has caused them harm. This is a difficult, painful, and sometimes life-threatening step.

As a result of this admission, the narcissist must then accept that they need help from a mental health professional. They must also learn to cope with this disorder and conduct a normal and functional life as far as possible.

Often, this is difficult because the narcissist thinks that they are unique and special. This is the central pivot of their pathological narcissism and the centre of their self-reinforcing ego.

They need to get over their False Self - their infantile, immature and unresolved self that is trapped within the confines of their false sense of identity. Therapy aims to dislodge the False Self and make the narcissist face themselves without any defences, with a new self that is vulnerable and open to criticism and assistance.

This is a must-have book for any person dealing with a narcissist. It explains the different types of narcissists and gives practical advice on how to deal with them in a healthy way.


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