November Vs December Sagittarius

March 7, 2023

november sagittarius vs december sagittarius

November vs December Sagittarius

There are some important differences between the two. For one, a November Sagittarius is typically more aggressive and direct than a December Sagittarius. They may have a more difficult time listening to others’ views, but they’re more adaptable when it comes to resolving disagreements.

They’re also less willing to get into heated arguments, but they’re still able to defend their beliefs if necessary. They’re also less prone to selfishness than December Sagittariuses.

Sagittarius personalities are also very different depending on when they were born. This is because Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, but it’s also divided into three decans (subsections of ten days each).

First decan Sagittarians are generally governed by Jupiter alone, which means they’re more impulsive and spontaneous than their second or third decan counterparts. They’re also more risk-takers than those born under the second or third decans, who are sub-ruled by Mars and the sun.

These people are also more adventurous than November Sagittarians, but they’re also less likely to take risks that could result in dangerous situations. They’re also more self-assured, but they can be a bit cocky and arrogant at times.

These traits can make them difficult to deal with, especially if they’re not very well-rounded or they don’t have a strong sense of self. They’re also less likely to listen to others’ opinions or make logical decisions. They’re also more prone to emotional outbursts, so they may have trouble keeping their cool in some situations.


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