Osho Chakra Breathing Meditation

November 19, 2023

As you know osho chakra breathing meditation is a technique that uses deep rapid breathing and body movement accompanied by musical sounds to open, bring awareness and vitality to each of the seven chakras. It's an active meditation that requires you to be fully engaged with the process, and it is best done on an empty stomach. The meditation lasts for one hour and is divided into two stages; it ends once you hear three gong beats. You should keep your eyes closed throughout the meditation.

Start by standing with your feet a little apart and let your body be loose and relaxed. With your mouth open breathe deeply and rapidly into the first chakra, putting equal emphasis on both the in and out breaths. Each time you hear the sound of a bell, move your breath to the next chakra letting it become more and more rapid as you reach each new inner door. As you get to the seventh chakra your breath will be about twice as fast as when you started at the first chakra.

You will continue this process of imagining the structure of each chakra expanding until it reaches its maximum measure and you feel that it is now in balance. Then you will return to the first chakra, this time slowing down your breathing. You will repeat this cycle a total of three times, before returning to the silence of meditating with your eyes closed.


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