Ozark Season 4 - What Happened to Zeke?

July 11, 2023

If you've been watching Ozark, you know there's been a lot of bloodshed and seedy manipulation going down. But the most tragic outcome of all hasn't been the deaths of teenagers like Veronica and the murder of the Byrdes, but rather a far more innocent character who never had a chance to escape: Baby Zeke.

The little boy was first introduced in season one of the Netflix series through characters Pastor Mason Young and his wife, Grace. He was the baby they were expecting, but she was kidnapped by the Snells and never seen again. After the state took Zeke away from the Youngs, Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery) stepped in to adopt the infant. The series quickly revealed she was a committed mother figure to the child and even found a husband in Wyatt Langmore (Charlie Tahan).

But by the end of season three, Zeke's future looked uncertain. The Byrdes had taken him from the Youngs to keep their business deal with the Navarro cartel alive, and Darlene blackmailed them into handing the baby over to her. She hoped the infant would be her next "money-making project" and would eventually lead to her own drug empire.

But by the end of Season 4, Part 1, the murder of both Darlene and Wyatt leaves Zeke without a family once again. He's now with Ruth, who's been a good influence on him so far and has shown her loyalty to those she cares about. But will she be able to keep Zeke safe?


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