Ozark Season 5 - What Happened to Zeke?

July 11, 2023

In Ozark, zeke was born to Pastor Mason Young and his wife, Grace. But in season four, he was murdered by Darlene and Jacob Snell. This left him an orphan despite being treated as one by Darlene, who even married Wyatt Langmore. But when Javi Navarro killed Darlene and Wyatt in season 4 part one, the future of baby Zeke was uncertain.

That is until Ruth Langmore came into the picture. Ruth had a plan to get revenge on Javi and she knew that in order to do that, she would need baby Zeke. So she decided to take the baby in as her own.

Throughout the series, Zeke’s empathic abilities grew stronger and he began taking on other people’s pain. This caused a relapse in his recovery, but he managed to stop drinking for the sake of his family. His family was especially in need of him, particularly his nephew Cal (Ty Doran), whose cancer had returned and made him a hospice patient.

After an eventful season, flight 828 landed safely and everyone got their second chance at life. Michaela and Zeke were endgame right from the start, but now that he’s back, what will happen to the little boy?


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