Philadelphia Ausar Auset Society Meeting

October 10, 2023

The Ausar Auset Society has been offering Afrocentric based spiritual training to the African American community and to African descendants throughout the Diaspora for over 30 years. Classes taught revolve around the Kamitic system of cosmology and philosophy, meditation, ritual, oracle (Metu Neter) and a plant-based diet. The Society was founded in 1973 by Shekhem Ur Shekhem and Ashem Ur Ashemu Ra Un Nefer Amen 1 and has branches throughout the USA, London, Toronto and Bermuda.

A fundamental tenet of the Ausarian religion is that man has the same divine qualities as God. This means that a man can become divine, if he or she is able to transcend the animal spirit within him and replace it with the Divine Self Image, which is the real essence of Man. To do this, a person must learn to recognize the influence of the 'animal parts' of his or her brain and replace these influences with behavior that is reflective of the Divine Self Image.

At the Philadelphia meeting, Hem S-Aungkh, a member of the Ausar Auset Society who is from Ghana, led those present in meditation and exercises to activate their electromagnetic energy fields and awaken their consciousness. She also demonstrated the techniques of plant-based eating that she and the Society teach to ward off diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Sharon Spender, a participant from New Jersey who has had brain surgery, said she came to the Philadelphia gathering because she is looking for healing and a way to reconnect with her spiritual roots in Africa.


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