Popular Meditation Forums

April 20, 2023

Popular Meditation Forums

Popular Meditation Forums

Meditation is a proven method of stress relief, relaxation, and cultivating mindfulness. But it can be challenging to find a meditation community to support you along your journey.

Fortunately, there are many resources to help you find and build a meditation community online. Whether you're just getting started or looking for tips to help your existing practice, there are several great forums to check out.

Mind & Life Institute

The Dalai Lama launched this forum 27 years ago as a place to explore the intersection of scientific research and meditation. He believes that people should be able to listen to science over Buddhism cosmology, and he's been an avid supporter of science-based research into the health benefits of meditation.

Pure Dhamma

The Pure Dhamma platform is a collection of different forums, which include meditation forums. Here, you can find information about Buddhist meditation techniques as well as discuss your favorite ones with fellow meditators.

About Meditation

About Meditation is one of the best places to get up-to-date news on meditation. Their articles are always written in a way that's easy to understand and can help you to develop your own personal meditation practice.

Beyond Blue

If you have depression or anxiety, the meditation forum on Beyond Blue can be a great resource for you. This forum is specifically designed to help you overcome these challenges through mindfulness and meditation. It offers resources such as guided meditations and self-help books, and it also includes a forum where you can ask questions and connect with other members.


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