Project Mugetsu Meditation Script

October 15, 2023

Project Mugetsu is a Bleach-inspired Roblox game that has gained popularity in recent months. The game, developed by Osiris Productions, is a fast-paced RPG where players can train and battle as characters from the anime series. The game features a variety of missions and Hollows to defeat, and the player can earn money to purchase skills. It also has a feature that allows players to meditate and increase their meditation level, which is important in order to unlock shikai, bankai, and resurrecion. The game has become so popular that there are now a variety of codes and scripts available online to help players dominate the game.

One such script is the Project Mugetsu Meditation Script, which allows players to automatically farm for resources and earn a large amount of experience and money. The code can be inserted into the game's Script Hub through a third-party executor such as Hydrogen, JJSploit, or Vega X. Once the code has been inserted, it can be executed and used to automate various tasks such as auto farming, god mode, and kill aura.

The script is free to use, and it can be found on the GitHub repository of developer CuriousFahan. However, there are some restrictions that apply to its use. First, the user must have SYNAPSE X installed on their system in order to use the tool. Then, they must launch the executor and select Project Mugetsu as their target. Finally, they must click on the execute button to activate the script.


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