Pyramid Cap For Meditation

October 13, 2023

Pyramid energy amplifies and accelerates your intention, prayers, wishes, spiritual requests & mantras. It strengthens your aura, removes stale energy in your environment and enhances concentration and focus.

It also increases memory, mental clarity, imagination and creativity. Some people have claimed visions of past incarnations, telepathic communication and an expansion in their awareness while meditating with pyramid energy.

When used properly, pyramids are a catalyst to bring in cosmic energy. They absorb the electromagnetic waves in the Universe and generate a vibration that creates balance & harmony. It energizes the place where it is placed, cleanses and purifies crystals, heals chakras and energises food and fruits.

You can meditate with a pyramid either in a pyramid center or build your own personal meditation pyramid at home. It is recommended to remove any gadgets like phones, laptops and tablets during pyramid meditation because it disturbs the flow of energy.

It is also recommended to sit ideally in a North or East facing position when you meditate with pyramid energy. You can even write an intention, prayer or wish on a piece of paper and keep it inside the pyramid for its manifestation to be speeded up.


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