Queen Charlotte What Happened to Reynolds?

March 16, 2024

Queen Charlotte What Happened to Reynolds

One of the most popular parts of the Bridgerton spinoff was the relationship between young Queen Charlotte's butler Brimsley (Hugh Sachs) and King George III's valet, Reynolds (Freddie Dennis). The pair's bickering and jealousy were incredibly entertaining and their grand plans to unite the monarchy made them major couple goals. But when their storyline was dropped from the series finale, fans were left wondering what happened to Reynolds.

The show never explained what happened to old Reynolds, who was omitted from the final scene in which young Brimsley dances with him during the royal ball. While it's possible that he died, the fact that he's not in any of the present timeline suggests that his relationship with the king has ceased.

Sachs has previously revealed that he was supposed to have a scene with Reynolds in the original script, but it ended up getting cut from the final episode. While the scene was cut, it's not impossible that the character will return in the future, especially with the show being renewed for a second season and a new Bridgerton book.

Freddie Dennis is an English actor who's been in roles on The Nevers and Une Amitie Dangerous prior to appearing on Queen Charlotte. He's currently single and focusing on his career. Hopefully, he'll find the time to do another project in the future that allows him to continue his work as a talented and beloved actor.


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