Quick and Easy Homemade Mustard Recipe

February 6, 2023

mustard recipe

Make this quick and easy homemade mustard recipe for your next burger, hot dog, or sandwich. The result is a condiment you’ll never go back to store-bought!

Making Homemade Mustard

The most basic mustard is simply a combination of seeds and water. The seeds react with a chemical that produces the spicy bite we associate with the condiment. However, this reaction is volatile and, without an acid (like vinegar), the mustard will begin to lose its taste over time.

To counteract this, a little vinegar sets the reaction in place. And adding salt, too, helps preserve the flavor of the mustard.

How to Make Mustard

To start, grind mustard seeds in a spice grinder or by hand with a mortar and pestle until they are slightly crushed but still whole. You want them slightly whole because that will help you achieve the powdery texture you like when you mix them with the mustard powder and liquids.

Once you have your seeds in a slightly coarser powder, add the mustard powder and the salt to the smashed seeds. This will thicken the mixture.

You may need to add some water or other liquid, 1 teaspoon at a time, to get the consistency you want. Cover and let it sit for 12 hours to allow the liquids to absorb into the mustard.

When you’ve finished, you can use it as a simple salad dressing or a lighter marinade for chicken or fish. It also makes a great dipping sauce for grilled cheese or deviled eggs!


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