Radiation Vs Surgery For Prostate Cancer

March 7, 2023

radiation vs surgery for prostate cancer

There are several treatment options for prostate cancer: surgery, external beam radiation, or brachytherapy. Your healthcare provider will choose the best treatment for you based on your specific situation.

Brachytherapy: This involves placing radioactive pellets (about the size of grains of rice) into your prostate. These pellets stay in the body and release their radiation dose over weeks or months. They can be given alone or combined with external beam radiation.

Radiation therapy uses high energy X-ray beams to kill cancer cells. You may get this treatment in a hospital or a cancer center.

The type of radiation you receive can affect your health, including your bowel and urinary function. Modern treatments can minimize side effects and improve your quality of life.

A radiation doctor uses a special machine to deliver a precise dose of radiation. It may be called a Gamma Knife or CyberKnife.

Using these machines can be dangerous for certain people, especially those with heart or lung problems and those who have had previous abdominal surgeries. It is also possible to have complications during the procedure if you are older or have other health problems.

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men. It usually doesn't spread to other parts of the body.

Both radiation and surgery can cure prostate cancer, and they can be used together to reduce the risk of cancer coming back. But you should know that both have side effects and risks, and some patients do not want to have surgery or prefer radiation instead of surgery.


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