Revive Light Therapy How to Use

June 12, 2023

If you’ve been looking into at-home skincare treatments that can help improve complexion, reduce signs of aging and treat skin conditions, revive light therapy how to use is one of the latest innovations in technology. The device uses different lengths of light to provide benefits like acne treatment, pain relief and skin color improvement. reVive light therapy is often used as a complement to other treatments such as BBL, medical peels and Hydrafacial to maximize results. NASA even uses the technology to heal wounds on astronauts and on earth.

reVive light therapy products come in four different colors to treat specific skin conditions. Blue light targets bacteria causing acne, green light addresses skin color imbalance and yellow light helps to promote healthy cell growth. Red light stimulates mitochondria – the power plants of cells to produce energy and relieves oxidative stress, which can cause inflammation and other symptoms of aging and chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and neurodegenerative disorders.

The reVive Essentials for Acne hand-held light device delivers a non-UV blue light spectrum to penetrate deep into skin and pore layers to destroy acne-causing bacteria, soothe inflammation and minimize sebaceous gland oil production, which is a primary cause of acne. The device also reduces acne related inflammation and redness to minimize scarring.

The reVive Lux Collection Glo is an easy-to-use, portable LED device that can be used at home or on-the-go to improve skin texture and tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, promote healthy cell growth and boost collagen production. The compact device plugs into any standard wall outlet and features a 360deg touch panel for control. You can choose from a variety of settings and time durations for optimal results.


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