Robert Monroe - Meditation - A New Path to Spiritual Consciousness

January 5, 2023

robert monroe meditation

If you have been trying to find a good spiritual book on meditation, I recommend the work of Robert Monroe. His book Meditation: A New Path to Spiritual Consciousness has been called a masterpiece by many of his admirers. He combines meditation techniques with spiritual knowledge that is easy to understand and apply. You will be able to improve your life through his lessons, and discover the benefits of a life of selflessness and service to others.


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Christ is a state of being

Robert Monroe was a Virginian businessman who had a few strokes of genius. He stumbled upon a quasi-mystical system of coexisting entities. His most famous creation was the Monroe Institute, which boasted a hefty roster of luminaries, including the likes of John Bradshaw. The man was a true believer. However, he was not averse to a bit of self-delusion from time to time. This led him to a number of life altering experiences. Some of which are recounted in the below foreword.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the MIT was the discovery of what he termed the "Belief System," a collection of self-contained subregions or neighborhoods. Each of these subregions was made of what he referred to as a "ring" of light. Its occupants were of varying types and ages, but shared one common characteristic: a belief system - not to mention a smattering of human-created entities in the form of religions, sects, cults and sectaries.

Hemi-Sync(r) Unlimited

If you're looking for a meditation album that will lead you into deep relaxation and expanded states of awareness, Hemi-Sync(r) Unlimited by Monroe Products is for you. The collection features hundreds of tracks designed to take your mind on a journey of relaxation, relaxation-inducing states, hypnagogia, and altered states of consciousness.

In addition to its extensive music library, Hemi-Sync(r) contains verbal guidance and audio effects. These aspects make the recordings ideal for a variety of applications, from stress management to enhancing sleep.

The technology of Hemi-Sync is based on the transmission of a variety of sounds through headphones in each ear. During these experiences, the hemispheres of the brain work together to receive a third signal.

The reticular activating system (RAS) drives the ultradian rhythms. This rhythm is characterized by periodic changes in arousal.

Aside from its beneficial effects on brain waves, the process of Hemi-Sync(r) has proven to be effective in facilitating hypnagogic states, memory improvement, and relaxation. It has also been shown to enhance sensory integration, reduce stress, and improve the reliability of remote viewing.

His marriage to Jeanette

Bob Monroe and his wife Jeanette are currently living with Bob's parents. They are in need of money to purchase theatre equipment. The couple will return to live with Bob's parents.

Robert Monroe was born in Port Deposit, Maryland. He was the third of five children. After his three years in the Air Force, he decided to pursue music education.

During World War II, he was classified as a 4F (unfit for service). During the war, he worked for the National Aeronautic Association. He also wrote for the Argosy magazine's aviation column.

In the 1970s, Monroe documented his first "out-of-body experiences" in a book called Journeys Out of the Body. Those experiences are now commonly referred to as OBEs.

When he was a young adult, he developed ulcers. But he did not give up on the idea of marriage. It was then that he met Jeanette.

They were married in August 1954. The couple lived in Mill Creek, Indiana. Later, they migrated to Ashton, Spink County, SD.


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