Self Love Meditation by Dr Joe Dispenza

November 18, 2023

Joe Dispenza is an international speaker and author who uses the latest findings from neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics to help people heal themselves of illness, pain, addictions and chronic conditions as well as evolve their consciousness. He has been teaching for over 30 years. He was a chiropractor for many years but after getting into an accident that broke 6 vertebrae in his spine while doing a triathlon race, doctors told him he would never walk again. So he decided to use the power of his mind to heal himself and within 10 weeks he was back on his feet and working at his chiropractic office.

He now uses the science behind spontaneous remissions to help others heal themselves of all kinds of illnesses, diseases, and even terminal cancer. He teaches how to change your body’s chemistry by changing the genes that are turned on or off, allowing you to heal yourself. He does this by using his meditations and breath work. He can change your brain waves and get you into a meditative state that is similar to a hypnotic one. He has a weird voice that he uses to emphasize certain words and create resonance, so your brain can slow down its waves and put you into a meditative or hypnotic state.

His best meditations are Tuning Into New Potentials, Project Coherence and the Walking Future Meditation. He also has other great ones as well like the Generous Present Moment, Water Rising and Turning your Love Inwards.


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