September Libra Vs October Libra

March 7, 2023

september libra vs october libra

Libras are the zodiac sign that shines through their positive qualities, but a September libra or an October libra can be different. Often ruled by Venus, Libras are all about aesthetics and making a life that is both visually pleasing and internally beautiful.

Libra in its September incarnation is very much focused on justice and balance. As such, they are often peacemakers and try to settle disagreements in a diplomatic way.

While they may not always be successful in achieving their goal of peace, they do want to be fair and treat everyone with the same respect. Moreover, Libras are very loyal and dedicated to their friends.

October Libras are a bit more serious and responsible than their September counterparts, but they still have a strong passion for justice in the world. They are also very charming and logical, although they struggle to make decisions.

They are incredibly idealistic, though they understand that change isn’t possible for them in every situation. They want to make the world a better place and are willing to work hard at it.

Their love compatibility is usually with other Libras, as well as Aquarius and Sagittarius men. This is because they both love to learn new things and explore their worlds. Both will enjoy a trip to the museum, a weekend away together or trying out a new type of cuisine. They also enjoy spending time with people and interacting with them. They are great socialites and can get along with just about anyone.


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