Shameless Characters - What Happened to Kassidi in Season 9?

March 17, 2024

Carl Gallagher (Ethan Cutkosky) was one of the most notoriously morally questionable characters on Shameless and his behavior reached a new level in season 9. He cheated on his wife, Kassidi, while she was still in prison and he even convinced his girlfriend to resume her old career as a dominatrix.

However, when he started dating his younger sister Kassidi, he realized how much he loves her and decides to put his plans of military school on hold. But she doesn’t take kindly to this and follows him to military school where she begins cheering for him in front of the entire cadet class. Embarrassed, Carl complains to a cadet who tells him he will handle her and that “her body won’t be found.” This implies that he killed her.

Despite the fact that she is still young, Kassidi is obsessed with Carl and makes herself at home at the Gallagher house, giving her relatives gifts that they appreciate but also find creepy. She and Carl fall in love and he buys her a promise ring which she mistakenly assumes means he is proposing to her. Carl impulsively marries her at the courthouse and they pretend to be older when they get married.

Sadly, Kassidi’s story ended up on a tragic note as she disappeared after her brief appearance in season 9. The show’s writers revealed that she was presumed to have been killed by one of Carl’s subordinates at the school. Sammi Hanratty who played Kassidi has confirmed the end of her character on a recent Instagram post. She posed with Robert Ochoa, who plays one of Carl’s subordinates, and captioned the picture with a sad face.


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