Shameless Episode 5 - What Happened To Sammi In Shameless?

March 23, 2024

What Happened To Sammi In Shameless?

Sammi Slott is the oldest daughter of Frank Gallagher through his relationship with Queenie Slott and, while she shares many of the same caring traits as the other Gallaghers, she has also become a main antagonist in the fifth season. Sammi has a warped view of family, as seen when she shoots Frank to get him to admit that he needs her. She also has a tendency to scam others and a violent side.

Despite her lack of a family, Sammi still cares about her loved ones. She helped Debbie through her first period, acted as Sheila's surrogate when she was pregnant with Jimmy, brought the Alibi Room to Frank when he was sick, and even covered for Fiona about her relationship with Kev. She also rebuffed Frank's attempts to enlist her as his girlfriend in return for helping him out with the business.

After Ian goes AWOL and destroys federal property, Sammi snitches on him to the Gallaghers. This leads to him being sent to prison, where he turns to Monica in prison (probably the only time she's been mentioned on the show this season) to get revenge on the Gallaghers.

While it's a relief that Shameless did not go the full Ross and Rachel with Kev and V, this is an unsatisfying ending to the story. Their reconciliation is based on a lie and is rushed to meet the needs of this episode, which also feels like a filler. It could have been a much better choice to send them both off to the same prison and leave them to fend for themselves.


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