Shifu Waters' Meditation and Mindfulness Practices

October 28, 2023

Having studied the healing and energy cultivation practices of Chinese medicine, shifu has incorporated them into his martial arts training, believing that it is important to treat the body as a whole unit. The goal is to achieve perfect health and balance, allowing the flow of qi (life force) throughout the body.

During his time in China, shifu Waters learned the art of Chinese massage, which is now part of his holistic health offerings. He has also mastered the art of acupressure, which is used to release tension in specific points on the body.

Shifu teaches students of all ages, levels and backgrounds in his online classes, including qi gong, taiji quan, weapons, forms, calligraphy & more. The movements increase flexibility, cardiovascular & immune health and calm the mind.

One of the most powerful aspects of shifu's teachings is his philosophy on the practice of martial arts, which he calls "martial zen." The practice of martial zen encompasses more than just fighting skills; it is about a way of life that fosters self-actualization, compassion and inner peace.

The main theme in the story of Kung Fu Panda is how Po finds inner peace. Through many hardships and encounters with Lord Shen's armada, he finally realizes that the key to achieving peace lies within himself. Upon learning this, he is able to perform the same technique with a raindrop that he had previously demonstrated in his training with Shifu, reuniting Oogway and himself.


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