Siesta Key Mom: What Happened to Madisson Hausburg Baby?

July 11, 2023

The reality star shares her painful process of trying for another baby after losing her son at 37 weeks.

There are corners of parenthood that most people can’t understand unless they have been there. That is especially true for mothers who have lost a child. The pain of that experience is unimaginable to many and can be particularly difficult to navigate if you don’t have a network of fellow moms to support you. Reality star and Siesta Key cast member Madisson Hausburg is one such mother who has found a way to make her loss meaningful by using it as a vehicle for awareness and community. Her recent statement about her and husband Ish Soto’s heartbreaking stillbirth of their son Elliot Angel Soto has triggered an outpouring of love from her followers, who are empathetically reaching out to her and reminding her that she is not alone.

It is clear that Madisson and Ish are working hard to move on from their tragic loss and are attempting to get pregnant again. Her followers have been very supportive of her journey and have offered their advice. However, one thing that Hausburg has asked her fans to refrain from doing is telling her to “relax and just let it happen.”

Fortunately for Madisson’s followers, she will be able to open up more about the loss of her baby in the season finale episode airing on May 26. During the episode, viewers will watch as she and Ish celebrate their wedding and then Madisson addresses the delivery of her stillborn baby.


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