Sleep Meditation 20 Minutes

October 13, 2023

Whether your insomnia keeps you awake or you want to fall asleep faster, sleep meditation 20 minutes can be your best bedtime buddy. Several downloadable sleep meditation apps can guide you through the process of relaxation. Some may even instruct you to flex different areas of your body as a way to release tension and promote calm.

Rather than trying to clear your mind of all thoughts, practicing mindfulness can help you relax by focusing on the present moment. If a thought enters your mind, simply label it as "thought" and return to concentrating on breathing. This type of meditation can be a bit more challenging, especially if you're new to the practice, but if you set a reasonable time goal and work toward it, it's well worth the effort.

The military method is a great sleep meditation strategy that involves muscle relaxation, breath control and mental visualization. Begin with tensing and relaxing your facial muscles, then move down your body, taking care to relax each area until it's completely relaxed. Lastly, visualize yourself in a peaceful place.

A body scan is similar to the military method, but it's done at a much slower pace. As you lie down, begin at the top of your head and focus on that area until it feels relaxed. Then move down to your shoulders, and then your arms and hands. Once your body feels calm and relaxed, move down to the left side of your body, and then to your feet, focusing on each individual part until it's fully relaxed.


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