St Francis Meditation - A Powerful Tool For Cultivating Love

January 5, 2023

st francis meditation

Saint Francis of Assisi is a person who renounced the ways of intellectualism and sought to be a part of God. The world that he saw was one that was suffused with self-sufficiency and universal kinship. He also saw himself as one with the moon, the water, and the birds, all of whom he regarded as his sisters.

Saint Clare of Assisi was a follower of Saint Francis of Assisi

The life of Saint Clare of Assisi was a remarkable example of faith and sacrifice. She renounced a life of wealth and fame to join the Franciscans. Unlike other religious orders of her time, her community was composed of women.

The women of the Poor Clares lived a simple life, abstaining from meat, and praying for the repose of the soul of their beloved leader, Saint Francis of Assisi. In addition to forming a powerful force for evangelization, Clare's Order of the Poor Clares is also noted for its apostolic aims.

Clare was born into an Italian nobility family, but she embraced the poverty and piety of the Franciscans. Her prayer saved the city of Assisi twice from being destroyed.

Saint Francis saw the world in universal kinship

The canticle of the brother sun is an expression of Francis' spiritual life. It is a beautiful and eloquent example of the many ways the saint saw the world in universal kinship.

Both Saints were optimists, and both had a keen eye for the finer points of human life. They made room for the human spirit to flourish, and for the human heart to grow in love. But they also made space for the emotions, the human intellect, and the human community.

For Francis, a good life was one of evangelical poverty. He was dedicated to ministering to the people, regardless of their social status or wealth. Rather than splitting the world into holy and profane, he and his followers saw all creatures as brothers and sisters.

Saint Francis saw the moon, the water, and the birds as his sisters

The Saint of God enlightened many people with his many miracles. His words of wisdom are known to all. However, there are certain pious people who have gone to church officials with complaints of pious practices. In the end, they did not get what they wanted.

A brethren and friend of Francis' often went to a cavern near Assisi. He told his friend about a treasure he had found. After receiving his news, his friend rejoiced.

The best thing about this treasure was that it lasted for a long time. It made Francis well. When he was sick, it turned into wine.

Saint Francis renounced intellectualism as a way to God

The piety of Saint Francis the Saint of God was awe inspiring. He preached the Kingdom of God to the masses. During the early twenties, he spent a great deal of time fixing churches that were in disrepair.

When he entered any city, people would gather. In fact, he was a celebrity in the world. They knew he was a man who was doing a good thing, so they came to see him. However, some of them got in trouble with the church for practicing pious habits.

Moreover, Francis mastered the art of preaching with great effectiveness. He prefaced every business with a prayer. And the Lord did bless him.

Saint Francis saw the world in self-sufficiency

During the last year of his life, Francis of Assisi saw the world in a new light. He understood that God had stepped out of the shadows and was now leading the human race into a life of self-sufficiency. He was a man of action, not merely words. His example helped many men and women to take notice.

A great miracle occurred in his life. When he was sick, water turned to wine. This miracle was one of the many miracles that accompanied his life. The Holy Ghost poured over Francis and made him well.

Despite his humility and piety, he was not exempt from the whims of the human mind. He knew the secrets of the hearts of men. Moreover, he was not afraid to follow the leading of the Lord.

Conclusion of a st francis meditation

St Francis meditation is a powerful tool for cultivating love. The saint is renowned for his spiritual wisdom and his piety. Many people try to follow his example.

Saint Francis of Assisi, a Roman Catholic saint, was born in 1181. He lived to 1226. In his early days, he was a merchant's son. After he converted to Christianity, he decided to leave his worldly goods behind. Instead of a material act, he devoted his time to prayer.

After he became a priest, he went to work in the church. Eventually, he founded a men's Order of Friars Minor. His community was authorized by the Pope.


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