Still Sitting Meditation Supply

October 9, 2023

Sitting meditation, especially for long periods of time, is challenging in our distracted world. But meditators tell us that determination to do it regularly, even for short sessions interwoven into busy days, yields rewards.

For those who struggle with sitting for prolonged periods of time, it may be a good idea to purchase a meditation cushion. A variety of styles are available in different sizes, fabrics and fills, but a zafu and a zabuton set are the standard for most practitioners. This type of cushion provides support for the back and knees while allowing the meditator to remain seated in a position longer.

In addition to a zafu and zabuton, Still Sitting offers a wide range of other products to help meditators practice more comfortably. They include a kobu zafu, which is a little higher than some other zafus and can be used as a support cushion. There is also a kabuton, which can be placed under and a little behind the zafu for added height or to roll the pelvis forward.

Koshin Christopher Cain and Soshin Lidunn Oberdahl, both leaders at Puget Sound Zen Center on Vashon Island, west of Seattle, founded the company in 2002. Their company, Still Sitting, makes a full line of meditation cushions in a number of fabric colors and with various levels of stuffing. It also sells robes for monks, which account for 10 percent of sales. The robes are made by a small monastic community in the Pacific Northwest, who also make all of the zafus and zabuton for the company.


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