Stranger Things Season 1 Finale - What Happened to Eleven at the End of Season 1?

February 3, 2024

In Stranger Things season one, Eleven had to re-learn how to use her powers after a long stint in the Hawkins Lab. She regressed to the 1979 version of herself and experienced a number of flashbacks that shaped her life in Hawkins. Despite her terrifying experiences, Eleven was able to escape the lab and make her way to Lenora Hills where she was adopted by the Byers family.

As the Cold War intensified in the early '80s, Owens and Brenner began to experiment with Eleven's psychic abilities. They would order her to eavesdrop at distances and even transmit the words of an individual. Eventually, they made her test the limits of her power by asking her to manipulate a living creature. She succeeded in using telekinesis to crush a soda can, but when she tried to do the same to a cat, they slammed her in a cell and she lashed out with telekinesis. The animal was smashed in the face, but Eleven felt pleased with her ability to use her powers.

The Duffer Brothers explained that this is why we see Eleven struggle to form complex sentences in the '79 flashbacks — her trauma was so great that it interfered with her ability to communicate.

During the finale of Stranger Things, we find out that Eleven's past with Brenner and his other test subjects has influenced her in many ways. Her traumatic upbringing, along with her interactions with the Demogorgon, have left her with some baggage and an inability to trust others. Eleven is often jealous of Mike, Dustin, and Lucas, who spend time with each other without her. As she tries to convince Mike to stay away from her, Eleven lashes out and disobeys Hopper.


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