Tackling Stress & Anxiety in Women: Effective Healing Methods

November 2, 2023


Look around, and you will find that the “do it all” section of women feels extreme anxiety and strain. Most working women are prone to more stress than men. This accumulated tension doesn’t just affect their personal and professional lives, it also affects their mental health from time to time.

Anxiety disorders happen to be the primary form of mental illness that affects Americans, which makes the United States shell out almost $42 billion annually. According to a research paper that was published in “Brain and Behavior,” women and young adults are suffering greatly from it.

The paper reveals that women are likely to be more anxious than men. Olivia Remes, a doctoral candidate from the University of Cambridge and the principal author of the paper, said that the gender gap can be due to hormonal fluctuations and differences in brain chemistry in the way men and women cope with stress.

Women between the ages of 35 and 54 juggle the roles of homemaker, mother, caregiver for elderly parents, and, at times, breadwinner. The Health and Safety Executive statistics reveal that these women have increased stress compared to men.

When left untreated or unattended, excess anxiety and stress can lead to mental health issues and hinder the flow of life for women. In this article, we will discuss some of the effective healing methods to address and remedy the constant tension a woman faces.

Effective Ways Women Can Treat Anxiety in 2023

Most women feel the pressure to be perfect at work and home, which can often result in severe anxiety disorders. When not treated the correct way or with adequate lifestyle measures, it can lead to depression, PTSD, and general to acute anxiety disorder, which can stunt one’s creativity and thinking power.

Here are some of the best ways to address and remedy it:


The process of journaling can help women lower their anxiety and stress by providing a positive outlet for their emotions and thoughts. Therapeutic and expressive writing can help them manage their debilitating health conditions, like depression.

Women who journal regularly will find their quality of life improving with each passing day. It would help them to be aware of their emotional fluctuations, which helps in better stress management. And with time, they can reduce their prescribed medications for stress and anxiety.

Today, women have the option to try guided journaling when they want to opt in for more expressive, targeted writing.

Cutting Down on Caffeine

Caffeine, found in chocolate, tea, coffee, and various energy drinks, can stimulate a person’s central nervous system. Women who consume an excess of caffeine can suffer from anxiety and tension. It can also disrupt their sleep cycle, which in turn might aggravate their existing stress.

Different women have different thresholds for the amount of caffeine they can consume without getting affected. If you find that drinking coffee can make you feel anxious or jittery, you should reduce it by drinking herbal tea, water, or any other energy drink in place of coffee. It will help to reduce the existing anxiety to a huge extent.

Consulting With a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Often, women who experience acute stress shy away from getting in touch with a medical professional to address and resolve the issue at hand. Many women are inhibited from speaking about their mental health condition to a doctor or medical expert who can help them feel better and lead a better life.

Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners are equipped with the correct medical know-how and expertise to help treat women with mental health conditions. The best nurses have completed an offline or online MSN-PMHNP program that trains them using the correct study material and guidance. They are equipped to address mental health issues with precision and better understanding.

Rockhurst University states that psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners can help because they know the nuances of caring for patients with mental illnesses. Their years of training and practical experience imbibe in them a spirit of compassion, inquiry, and reflection. That helps them to look at stress and anxiety in women in various possible ways and helps them feel better.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is all about practices that can help you stay in the present moment. Some of the stress reduction methods that can help women reduce their anxiety are MBCT (mindfulness-based cognitive therapy) and meditation.

Practicing meditation for 10 minutes a day can help boost your mood and also bring down symptoms of anxiety and stress. Today, several websites, apps, and books can help women learn the basic steps of meditation and reap the benefits.


Working women today have to undergo ample challenges in their professional and personal lives that result in excess stress and anxiety. When the level of tension increases, it can affect a woman's capacity to think normally and go about her life. Other than making her hypersensitive, it also results in depression and anxiety disorders.

Addressing and remedying the problem is essential. Women who find themselves falling prey to bouts of anxiety and stress can resort to the healing techniques discussed above and choose what works best for them.


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