Talking to God Meditation

November 20, 2023

Talking to god meditation is the practice of sitting silently in a quiet place and focusing on reading God's word. This type of meditation helps us to connect with God in a deeper way and understand His will for our lives.

Start by lowering yourself to your knees or bowing to the floor, making the sign of the cross. Slowly lower yourself and begin to meditate, asking the Holy Spirit to help you enter into a deep state of prayer.

Choose a passage of Scripture that speaks to you, such as a particular verse or story in the Gospels or a reputable book on Catholic spirituality. Read the passage slowly, deeply processing it and looking for a phrase or word that stands out to you. This reading is similar to the ancient practice of Lectio Divina.

Spend time thinking about the phrase or word that stood out to you and ask yourself how it applies to your life today. This can be as simple as pondering what the phrase means or it may involve a more elaborate scenario that you imagine, such as what you might do to better live out this truth or challenge.

After you've spent a few minutes reflecting and pondering on the passage, pray about it. Ask the Lord for guidance in applying the passage to your life, especially in putting it into immediate action. Ask Him for the strength and resolve to carry out the new resolution or challenge that He has given you.


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