Tantra Meditation - Connect With Your Inner Goddess, Manifest Your Dreams, and Heal Yourself

April 20, 2023

Tantra Meditation

Whether you’re looking to connect with your inner goddess, manifest your dreams, or heal yourself from physical and mental challenges, Tantra Meditation is an ancient technique that can help you. With the guidance of a skilled Tantric teacher, this one-of-a-kind practice can take you from hungry caterpillar to divine butterfly in a matter of weeks.

Practicing Tantric Meditation is a beautiful way to harness your Shakti energy and unleash the deeper power that lives within you, enabling you to discover true clarity, deep calm, and inner courage. It’s also a great way to balance masculine and feminine energy, so that you can fully manifest your visions, love yourself and others, and heal yourself completely.

The practice of Tantra includes a wide range of techniques including arousal of the chakras, utilization of mantras, proper channeling of kundalini energy, and the use of designated music in a deliberate way. These are complemented by yogic postures, meditation on yantras and mandalas, and mental visions.

A tantric meditative technique in Ipsalu Kriya Yoga is called “Spinal Meditation.” This meditation opens the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra, while activating a circuit of energy up and down the spine to open awareness to the heavens.

This meditation is part of a larger Tantric practice called nyasa, in which mantras or deities are imagined in different parts of the body. By attending to each sensation, you can experience unified mind, sensory intensity, blissful orgasms and tantric union.


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