Taoist Meditation

April 20, 2023

Taoist Meditation

Taoist Meditation is the ancient meditative practices associated with Chinese philosophy and religion. The earliest references to this practice date from the Warring States period.

In Taoist meditation, one is aiming to achieve stillness and concentration by eliminating outside distractions and thoughts that can lead to unhappiness. It is a very useful practice for almost everyone, but some people may find it easier to concentrate on specific things rather than on insight meditation.

Concentrative meditation – which is sometimes called focus-focused meditation – is very useful for anyone, especially when you are trying to overcome an issue and are looking for something to focus your attention on. Unlike insight meditation, this technique requires no posturing or posturing of the body.

Energy Breathing & Qigong

This type of meditation is often associated with the movement techniques seen in Yoga or Pilates, but it is primarily aimed at working with energy and qi. It involves breathing in positive energy and releasing stress or pain on the exhale.

It can help you relieve stress, increase energy, improve your sleep and enhance your overall well-being. It also works as a gentle form of exercise.

Visualization – which is sometimes referred to as “oneness” with the Tao – can also be a very powerful meditation. During this time, you make whatever comes up in your life into an agenda and then dissolve it, allowing it to go away.

When you are ready to end the meditation, gently open your eyes. Then, take a deep inhale through your nose and a deep exhale through your mouth.


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