The Court of Challenges: Women's Experiences & Wins in College Sports

December 20, 2023


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It has been a long time since uprisings regarding women's participation in sports have snaked into the college athletics scenery. But even now, the situation has hardly been improved in any aspect. When a female student walks into the college or university, she most likely takes up a membership in the literature club or becomes a sorority sister. Only a handful of female students want to pursue sports seriously during their college life, and it is time to turn this around by taking some small steps.

The low interest among women in college athletics is because of an age-old notion that the field of sports is not for them. But some very small steps such as introducing gender-inclusive and size-inclusive high school sports apparel that fits the female bodies perfectly can be considered as wins. These will take us much farther on the quest to bring some much-needed gender balance in college sports.

In this article, we will dive into what women's participation in college athletics truly means. We will also talk about the importance of female-centric sports clothes for promoting their participation in college sports fields. And in the end, we will include some of the best brands in the market right now that sell top-of-the-line female sports garments.

What Does 'Women's Participation in College Sports' Actually Mean?

When a child steps out of the boundaries of their school life to go to college, limitless possibilities open up. Some of the students take up new hobbies right after graduating from school. And one of the biggest options for these students is sports. College-level sports offer vast opportunities for everyone to join a team, feel a sense of belonging, and work towards the same goal of helping the team win.

Through participation in college athletics events, the students can also land prestigious scholarships to improve their career options. Female participation in college sports means that female students have to take part in college-level games to truly understand their potential.

Reasons Behind Dwindling Women Participants In College Sports

Female participation in college sports has always dwindled due to the societal norms that exist for the fairer sex. It is often considered a given fact that women should only learn how to sing or how to paint and leave the sports fields to the men. Thus, over the last few decades, female participation in college sports has gone lower and lower despite the efforts of the universities to promote them. There are many scholarships to encourage female students to participate in sports in college but they are more interested in other pursuits.

How to Amp Up The Interest of Women College Students in Sports Through Clothes?

Fashion is something that most women love as a given norm. Now, this love for all the finer clothes like tees with the NC Dinos logo can be channeled into an effort to increase female participation in college-level sports. Here is how this can be achieved:

1. Dedicated Team Jerseys: To promote female participation in college sports, they must have their own college clothing like team jerseys. These should be tailored to fit the female body and not just some hand-me-downs from their male counterparts.

2. Unique Looks: Sports clothes give a unique look that is unlike any other genre of fashion. Sports clothes are comfortable and easy to wear, give the body a wide range of movements, etc. Hence, the unique looks provided by these garments can coax female students to join sports.

3. Mixture of Several Fashion Elements: Sports clothes of the different teams can cook up a mixture of logos, emblems, accessories like 39thirty cap and fabrics to give rise to a unique style. And it is a much-known fact that all the girls love some unique take on conventional clothes. Hence, sports clothes might be favored by female students.

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Top 3 Brands Offering the Best Women's College Sports Clothes

1. Prep Sportswear: This brand has made a name for itself in the field of women's sports clothing. It offers a wide range of products and stores like bucs team store that include only the highest quality materials.

2. Puma: Puma is a brand that has been around for a long time in the sports industry. Their frequent collaboration with international designers is what truly sets this brand apart.

3. Adidas: Adidas has introduced some unique collections of female sports clothes that mix different styles together. Their brand has a wide range of products available online for you to choose from.


Thus, we have talked about the various ways in which picking the perfect clothes can urge female students to take part in college sports. Thus, it looks like the clothes will play a major role in the future of females in sport. If you want a part in that future, you should start picking your clothes and getting your name on the list of the students who will take up college sports as their hobbies upon entering the university.


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