The February 6 Zodiac and Aquarius

March 7, 2023

February 6 Zodiac

Those born under the February 6 Zodiac are quick-witted and very imaginative. Their unconventional personalities attract a lot of attention and inspire people to dream bigger.

But they’re also known for their impulsive and unpredictable communication style, which can be hard to read. And their ideas can be incredibly out of touch with the world around them.

That’s why the Aquarius soul can often feel beleaguered - by hurdles that suddenly spring up and seem to get in the way of their dreams. Luckily, the week starts off with a full moon in Leo, which is an excellent time to channel your inner passions and desires.

On Saturday morning, Mercury enters brainy, idealistic Aquarius. New possibilities will open up immediately.

Then on Tuesday, the Moon will move into Virgo, bringing emphasis to your eighth house of relationships and joint ventures. It will then oppose Venus the following day, creating friction between the need for practicality and the desire to surrender to a longing within.

While a lot of Aquarius people love to express their ideas, sometimes they don’t take into account the impact their words will have on other people. That can make it difficult to build strong and trusting relationships with others, especially Scorpio, who wants security and reliability.


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