The Michael Beckwith Meditation

January 5, 2023

michael beckwith meditation

The Michael Beckwith meditation is a unique and powerful practice that will bring you to the heights of your spiritual consciousness. In this article, you will learn more about the benefits of this practice, including what it can do for you, your family, and your community.

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Books by Michael Beckwith

Michael Bernard Beckwith is a bestselling author and teacher of meditation. He is the founder of Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles and has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and Larry King Live. His books include Inspirations of the Heart, A Manifestation of Peace, and 40 Day Mind Fast Soul Feast.

Michael's Life Visioning Process is a transformational inner technology that enables you to embody and radiate your true nature. The process uses creative visualizations and affirmative prayer. By doing so, you are able to grow, develop, and expand your soul.

Through his classes and seminars, Beckwith teaches students how to achieve a visioning state. This state is a higher state of being where possibilities are open and life shifts.

In the Life Visioning Process, he explains how to use visualizations, affirmative prayer, and a unique approach to the Law of Attraction. You will discover how to align your thoughts with your soul's imperatives and enroll the full support of the Universe.

Life Visioning's benefits for people with attention deficit disorder and intention deficit disorder

The Life Visioning a-la-cart worthy of your attention is the best way to go about the task of re-evaluating your lifestyle and deciding on what es t. As with all things in life, it is a process that takes some planning. With the appropriate guidance and a little help, the re-evaluation can be a pleasant experience. From there, it is time to put your best foot forward and take advantage of the tools and techniques enumerated below. This should yield a more rewarding life, one that is both enjoyable and productive. Regardless of the challenges encountered, it is an exhilarating process that is best handled by a qualified professional. Aside from a more focused and efficient mind, you will discover more about yourself and those around you.

Dr. Beckwith's life is a testament to building spiritual community

Reverend Michael Beckwith is a highly respected spiritual teacher and a pioneer in the field of transformational living. As a non-aligned trans-religious progressive, he teaches the practical approach to spirituality that he calls "Beloved Community." He also shares a strong conviction that creating such a community is essential to achieving peace in our world.

Michael's teachings can be seen in his books, such as Inspirations of the Heart, A Manifesto of Peace, 40 Day Mind Fast Soul Feast and Spiritual Liberation. He is a prominent speaker on many global and national stages, including the United Nations General Assembly during World Interfaith Harmony Week in 2012.

In addition to his speaking engagements, Beckwith is a meditation instructor, conference speaker and seminar leader. His work is published in spiritual publications around the world.


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