The Pisces of the March 14 Zodiac

March 7, 2023

March 14 Zodiac

The March 14 Zodiac is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, spirituality, wealth, and learning. People born under this zodiac are compassionate, gentle, and affectionate.

They’re also empathetic, intuitive, and dramatic speakers who can speak to others’ deep subconscious desires. They are also prone to addictions and escapism because they love to shift their state of mind, so if they don’t have healthy outlets for changing awareness, they may find themselves infatuated with fantasies or drug-induced escapes.

These Pisces natives are devoted and passionate, but they are hesitant to commit themselves in love until they have found the right person who will truly appreciate them and their eccentricities. This is because their emotions are prone to turmoil and confusion, and they fear that their partner might be hurt.

Their sensitivity makes them burdened by an underlying sense of doom, and they often feel trapped in their own lives. This leads them to become resentful and even aggressive at times.

In a relationship, they are usually committed to their partners and willing to make self-sacrifices for them. However, they don’t always get what they deserve in a long-term commitment.

They also tend to be a bit too idealistic and judgmental, and they might not be able to accept some people’s flaws. This is why they’re a good match for someone who can help them to learn how to balance their expectations and understand other people’s opinions. They are also a great match for people who have an open mind and a strong sense of loyalty.


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